The Vio® Humus range is a complete range of fertilizers and soil improvers produced by composting different materials including manure (straw). It meets, according to each plot situation, your objectives of providing organic matter that is more vegetable and homogenous with the amendments (NF U 44-051) or more animal and nutritive with the fertilizers (NF U 42-001).

compost tabel

Targeted formulations

The raw materials used in the formulation of our composts come from diversified partners:

  • Manure from local partner farms
  • Co-products from food industries
  • Green waste

We define the composition of each compost according to the specific properties of the materials used. Our formulas can thus meet your various agronomic objectives:

  • Contribution of organic nitrogen
  • Nutrition of the microbial biomass
  • Contribution of animal OM to participate in the contribution of fertilizing elements for plant nutrition
  • Contribution of plant OM for the maintenance of the soil structure (humus)
  • Progressive provision of nutrients for plants

Packaging and delivery:
our products are delivered in bulk (25-30 tons) at the end of the field

Use in Organic Agriculture:
many of our products are UAB