We offer several ranges in the form of pellets:

  • Organic or organo-mineral fertilizers
  • Organic amendments
  • Most of them can be used in organic agriculture.
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Composition of the pellets

The raw materials that can be used in the formulation of our pellets are :

  • Animal organic materials: droppings, manure composts, meat powders C2 and PAT C3
  • Vegetable organic materials: pulp, vegetable oilcake, vegetable composts
  • Mineral matter

Actions of the pellets on the soil and the plants

We choose each composition according to the specific properties of the materials, to meet your objectives on soil life and plant nutrition:

  • Nutrition of the microbial biomass
  • Maintenance of soil structure and action on humification by adding plant matter
  • Mineralization potential
  • Nitrogen-rich input
  • Solubility for mineral matter

Size and packaging of the pellets

  • Our ranges are packaged in bulk, big bag of 500 kg or bag of 25 kg (pallet of 1,25T
  • The pellets are 4.5 mm, except for the pellets of Vio® Start that are 3.75 mm