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Technical and commercial support

Our field sales team is composed of a Sales Director and Regional Sales Managers.

You can ask them for:

  • Technical and agronomic information on our solutions.
  • A pricing and economic approach for each of our products.
  • Support for your field sales teams.
  • Turnkey solutions for the organization of events for your producer customers.
  • A personalized quality follow-up.

Requests are centralized with our sales assistant who is at your disposal to guide you

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Supply chain and quality commitments

At Violleau®, quality is controlled at the level of raw materials, finished products and the supply chain. Our ambition: to provide you with high-performance products in optimal delivery conditions.

We make live these commitments concretely by supervising the reliability of our organization and by motivating our collaborators who are daily the actors of this ambition.

Quality check

Composts: available in bulk.
We deliver at the end of the field in units of 26 tons to the producers after validation of the orders by their distributor.


Fertilizers and amendments
in caps (calibers of 4.5 or 3.75 mm), they are packaged in bulk, big bag of 500 kg or bag of 25 kilos on pallets of 1 Tonne 250.
The shipments are made by trucks of 25 tons to the warehouses of our distributor customers or, at their request, to the users.         

Quality of composts

The quality of the composts is traced from beginning to end via a documentary system of identification of the batches:

  • Selection of raw materials to ensure the quality of finished products.
  • Validation of upstream specifications with partner farms.
  • Regulatory compliance of materials intended for organic farming ((UE) n°2018/848)
  • Internal control of volumes, origin and quality of incoming materials (Violleau Laboratory).
  • Regular control of composting parameters.
  • Analysis of the productions by an independent partner laboratory.

Quality of the pellets

The quality of the raw materials used in the composition of our corks is controlled at each arrival by taking samples that are analyzed in our laboratory. We keep samples of finished products in our sample library.

We guarantee

  • The conformity of the PAT C3 and C2 meat powders supplied by Akiolis with the Regulation (EC) n° 1069/2009.
  • The conformity of the materials intended for the Organic Agriculture with the EC Regulations (UE) n°2018/848 and the certification of our AB products by independent external organizations.
  • The identification of each batch produced by a number ensuring traceability.
  • The analysis of the productions by an independent partner laboratory.
Quality check

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