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Violleau® offers a wide range of solutions in organic fertilization and crop protection for professional growers.

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Violleau, which is part of Tessenderlo Group, specializes in the production of organic soil improvers and fertilizers formulated on the basis of animal and plant matter and in crop protection for agriculture. We not only offer products but also consulting services to optimize the choice of formulas, their application, the yields, and the quality of our customers' productions.


Fertilization solutions

Our products, which come in the form of pellets and composts, are applicable to organic and conventional productions for applications in market gardening, vineyards, arboriculture, field crops, or green spaces.

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Crop protection

Violleau is the European distributor of the Surround® and Purshade® crop protection products. These products are developed by NovaSource®, which is part of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.

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Service and support

We provide solutions for every stage of production and agronomic need, for sustainable and productive agriculture. Our team of experts is always there to provide the technical support you need.

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