For more than thirty years, Violleau has specialized in the selection and transformation of organic matter for fertilization. Following the production of compost from livestock effluents that started in 1989, we have developed expertise in the formulation of fertilizers for organic agriculture.

In 2010, we joined Tessenderlo Group. Its subsidiary Akiolis is a major player in Europe in the production of Category 3 Processed Animal Protein (PAP C3) and Category 2 Meat and Bone Meal (MBM C2).


This association has given us access to secure European sourcing of meat powders and PAPs, the agronomic interest of which today optimizes the effectiveness of our formulas. Therefore, in 2013, we launched a fully automated pellets manufacturing unit to complement our composting activity, with a production capacity of 45,000 tons of pellets per year.

Faced with markets that are increasingly demanding sustainability, we are developing, internally with the TIC (Tessenderlo Innovation Center), or in association with agronomic research laboratories and our distribution partners, products that will meet the new fertilization needs of farmers and constantly improve the formulation and the physical and agronomic qualities of our finished products.

Our expertise in agronomy

Moreover, in 2021, Violleau became a Growth Unit of Tessenderlo Group and integrated, in addition to the existing fertilizer activities, the marketing of the biocontrol products, Surround® and Purshade®, confirming its ambition to further grow in the organic farming market.