Tessenderlo Group

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With a history that dates back to 1919, the group has evolved over recent years from a chemical company into a diversified industrial group that focuses on agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, machinery, mechanical engineering, electronics, energy, and providing industrial solutions with a focus on water. With its headquarters in Belgium, the group is active in over 100 countries and it has a global team of more than 7,500 employees. In 2023, Tessenderlo Group recorded a consolidated revenue of 2.9 billion EUR.

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Every Molecule Counts

Tessenderlo Group is driven by a bold and inspiring vision: to ensure that life on the planet will thrive by helping to create a world that makes the most of its resources. This vision entails growing more food than ever before, using water as intelligently as possible, and creating value from bio-residuals.

Tessenderlo Group aims to fully understand what is happening in the world to determine how it can build the business of tomorrow by successfully addressing those issues. To achieve this objective, it realizes that things need to be done differently.

Behind everything Tessenderlo Group does lies a simple philosophy: Every Molecule Counts. This short but striking slogan defines its unique attitude towards sustainability and innovation. It encompasses the power of an idea or action, however small, to change the world.

More information can be found on the Tessenderlo Group website