In June 2013, we launched a fully automated pellet manufacturing unit to complement our composting business, which has a production capacity of 45,000 tons of pellets per year. Since that date, we have offered six ranges of organic or organo-mineral soil improvers and fertilizers that are distributed throughout France and Europe. Most of them can be used in organic agriculture and the raw materials used in our formulations are traced and certified for those that are UAB (Utilisable en Agriculture Biologique).

Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of C3 PAP and C2 MBM, which make them particularly interesting raw materials for the formulation of organic fertilizers, we are able to offer products with a high concentration of organic nitrogen and phosphorus, which are particularly appreciated in the sector of organic agriculture. Other raw materials that can be used in the formulation of our pellets are organic plant materials or mineral materials.

The quality of these raw materials used in the composition of our pellets is controlled at each arrival by taking samples that are analyzed in our laboratory. We keep samples of finished products in our sample library.

We guarantee:

  • The conformity of the C3 PAP and C2 MBM supplied by Akiolis (or other suppliers) with the regulation (EC) n°1069/2009.
  • The conformity of the materials intended for the Organic Agriculture with the regulations (EU) n°2018/848 and the certification of our UAB products by independent external organizations.
  • The identification of each batch produced by a number ensures traceability.
  • The analysis of the productions by an independent partner laboratory.

Fertilizers and amendments are available in caps (4.5 mm or 3.75 mm calibers), and are packaged in bulk, 500 kg big bags or 25 kg bags on 1.25 ton pallets. Shipments are made by 25-ton trucks to the warehouses of our distributor customers or, upon their request, directly to the users.

This offer allows us to serve customers all over France and Europe in the organic or conventional markets of market gardening, vineyards, arboriculture, field crops, and green spaces.