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Sustainable development

Taking the environment into account is part of our DNA. Our activity is part of a circular economy logic since we valorize animal and plant by-products from agricultural and agri-food activities into organic fertilizers.

Quality is controlled at the level of raw materials, finished products, and the supply chain. Our expertise covers all the flows in Europe, from upstream to downstream: the selection and collection of materials, the elaboration of composts and pellets in France, and the transport and delivery to our customers.

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Circular economy

From an upstream perspective, we offer recovery solutions to our farming partners for some of their effluents (selection), to local food industries for their co-products, or to surrounding towns for the green waste they collect.

During the production of composts and pellets, we master the technologies and parameters of organic matter transformation as well as the formulation of products according to their expected role: soil structuring, the role they play in terms of biological life, plant nutrition, etc.

We offer our agricultural producer customers organic fertilization solutions and personalized advice according to each soil, climate, and crop situation.

Organic farming

We offer many products that can be used in organic farming. They are formulated with raw materials that meet the various European and national regulations applicable to this mode of production. Depending on the different materials used in our formulations, we can meet the needs of crops in basic manure and/or nitrogenous fertilizer cover.

Our environmental commitments

Beyond this contribution to sustainable development, we are working to limit the impact of our various processes on the environment and to produce renewable energy.

  • Modern processes that place energy savings at the heart of our priorities
  • Photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine allow the production of 1 MW covering the energy consumption of a town of 1,000 inhabitants
  • Waste sorting and recovery in appropriate channels
  • Integration of our industrial facilities into a landscaped environment thanks to our plan to plant local trees and shrubs
  • Daily actions including the recycling of office paper, which is shredded and incorporated into the poultry breeding litter, encouraging our colleagues to carpool, etc.

This state of mind is adopted by the entire Violleau team, which helps the company grow within a global approach of economic, environmental, and societal responsibility.

It is in this same spirit that Violleau supports the recycling of packaging waste via SOVEEA and the collection of waste via ADIVALOR Violleau. Violleau is also an associate member of COMIFER (Comité Français d'Etudes et de Développement de la Fertilisation Raisonnée).