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Foliar fertilizers

In this range, our products, most of which can be used in Organic Agriculture, provide nutritional supplements that are associated with principles which stimulate plant development to optimize both quality and yield.


VIO® Green in foliar application allows the following to be improved:

  • Water nutrition
  • Wheat, corn, and potato yields
  • The quality of the harvest of potatoes
  • The development and growth of aerial parts on vines, wheat, and corn
  • Root growth on wheat and corn
  • The export of mineral elements on wheat

Therefore, it allows the user to increase the yield by increasing the vegetative biomass and the development of the plants.

VIO® Green as an agronomic additive that is diluted in a fertilizer solution mixed with liquid fertilizers. This enables the user to:

  • Reduce water consumption on cucumbers, tomatoes, flowering plants, and lawns/grasslands
  • Improve the development of aerial parts on cucumbers, tomatoes, and flowering plants   
  • Improve the assimilation of mineral elements on tomatoes and flowering plants
  • Improve the development of biomass on lawns/grasslands

Our VIO® Green products are packaged in 10-liter cans (on pallets with a 600-liter capacity).


K-Leaf® is a potassium booster for foliar application that offers a number of important benefits for field crops, as well as for fruits and vegetables. It contains 52% potash (K2O w/w) and 18.8% sulfur (S w/w) and it can be applied at higher rates than some other potassium-based foliar fertilizers.

Benefits of K-Leaf:

  • Dissolves much faster than other potassium-based fertilizers, leaving no residue
  • Lower pH solution reduces the risk of spray nozzle clogging
  • Virtually chloride-free and nitrate-free
  • Helps treat potassium deficiency quickly
  • Helps build crop resistance to stress
  • Improves crop yield and quality
  • Increases crop resistance to damage during transport and storage
  • Compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and crop protection products for foliar application, except those containing calcium

K-Leaf is the cost-effective potash booster for supplemental foliar sprays during periods of crop growth when potassium demand is at its highest. K-Leaf has been specially developed for foliar application and it helps farmers produce high-quality crops with maximum export value, while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Our foliar fertilizers are applicable to organic and conventional productions for applications in market gardening, vineyards, arboriculture, field crops, or green spaces.