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Services and support

Thanks to guaranteed sourcing (via Akiolis and our other partners), we offer regular and sustainable supplies, perfect traceability of raw materials and finished products: an additional guarantee of quality, as well as a personalized delivery service: upon request from our distributors, we can ensure direct delivery to the producers.

Our ambition: to provide you with high-performance products in optimal delivery conditions.

Moreover, whatever your objectives are, we have the ideal solution: 


For our pellets, we choose each composition according to the specific properties of the materials, in order to meet your objectives regarding soil life and plant nutrition (nutrition of microbial biomass, maintenance of soil structure and action on humification through the contribution of plant materials, mineralization potential, and nutrient-rich contribution according to the formulas and agronomic situations or solubility for mineral materials).

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For our composts, we define the composition of each one according to the specific properties of the materials that are used. Therefore, our formulas will meet various agronomic objectives, such as the contribution of organic nitrogen, animal or plant organic matter, the nutrition of microbial biomass, or the progressive provision of nutrients for plants.

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Our team of experts is always on hand to provide you with the technical support you need. This includes technical and agronomic information relating to our solutions, a pricing and economic approach for each of our products, support for your sales teams in the field, turnkey solutions for the organization of events for your producer customers, and personalized quality monitoring.

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