Our composting platform has a surface area of 16,000 m². Of this, 12,000 m² are entirely enclosed and covered. It features 8 controlled chambers, in which our different formulations mature. This enables us to produce more than 30,000 tons of compost per year, with a large number of our final products being usable in Organic Agriculture (according to the regulation (EU) n°2018/848).

The raw materials used in the formulation of our composts come from various partners, such as manure from local partner farms, co-products from food processing industries, or green waste from local communities.

We guarantee the sanitary safety and traceability of our products through the validation of specifications with partner farms and industrialists, the quality control of inputs in our internal laboratory, and a precise monitoring of composting parameters.


The VIO® Humus and VIO® Fertil ranges are complete ranges of soil improvers and fertilizers that are produced by composting different materials including manures (straw). These ranges meet, according to each plot situation, your objectives with regard to providing organic matter that is more vegetable and humigenous with the amendments (NF U 44-051) or more animal and nutritious with the fertilizers (NF U 42-001).

The composts are available in bulk. We deliver in units of 26 tons to producers at the end of the field.

Our composts are applicable to organic and conventional productions for applications in market gardening, vineyards, arboriculture, large-scale crops, or green spaces.