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Our expertise in agronomy

Ensuring efficient nitrogen and phosphorus supply to the soil

The intrinsic qualities of C3 PAP and C2 MBM* make them particularly interesting raw materials for the formulation of organic fertilizers:

  • Delivery of key nutrients (mainly N&P) to the plant for plant growth and development
  • Contribution of organic matter to the soil
  • Organic nitrogen is released gradually, matching the plant development requirements

Nitrogen mineralization kinetics study for various Violleau products

CTIFL laboratory, 2017 (Azopro methodology)

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Conclusions: the composition and formulation process impact the nutrient efficiency of the products

The CTIFL study shows that Violleau products accelerate the availability of nitrogen for crops.

This efficiency is explained by their high biodegradability and the chain reactions that it triggers: high biodegradability leads to the faster decomposition of products by microorganisms which impacts the mineralization of carbon and in turn leads to the faster release of mineral elements, including nitrogen, which becomes more quickly available to crops.

The speed of nitrogen release depends on the formulation and the amount of nitrogen available, which is different for each product. However, regardless of the formulation, the study concludes that the potential for nitrogen release is high for Violleau products.

* C3 PAP: Processed Animal Protein category 3 – C2 MBM: Meat and Bone Meal category 2