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    ZAE La Gouinière
    79380 La Forêt sur Sèvre

    Tél: +33 5 49 80 74 01

Directions to the production plant in France

In La Forêt-sur-Sèvre, take the direction of La Chataigneraie by the D938TER. Drive through the village of Saint-Marsault. After the exit sign of the village, take the second road on the left (V C 3). Follow the road for 2 km to the hamlet of La Gouinière. At the stop sign, turn right and follow the "VIOLLEAU" signs. Leave on the left the entrance of the site of Ets MAROLLEAU (do not enter the site) and follow the road until the office and weighbridge VIOLLEAU.

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    Location in France

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    Access Plan France

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