New VIO® Acti L range: organic amendment with agronomic additive

Developed with raw materials selected for their high humus potential, the new technical and innovative VIO® Acti L range improves the physical and biological characteristics of soils.

The LALBIOME Techno WAKE additive stimulates soil microbial life, which activates the decomposition of fresh organic matter (crop residues, manure, slurry, etc.) and synchronizes the release of nutrients fixed on the organic matter (mineralization) with the needs of the plant.


  • Provides stable humus (358 kg/ton) to improve soil structure and increase water retention
  • Activates and stimulates soil micro-organisms (+32%)
  • Promotes the degradation of fresh organic matter and releases nutrients (minerals and trace elements)


ORGANIC AMENDMENT NF U 44-051 - Mixture of plant and animal matter

Product usable in organic agriculture in accordance with the regulation (EU) n°2018/848

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