Progress of the new production line at Violleau

In March 2022, Violleau announced a new production line for organic fertilizers in France that will be built on the site of the Akiolis factory in Vénérolles. Thanks to the contribution of animal meals and proteins (categories 2 and 3) produced by Akiolis, we will be able to offer fertilizers with a high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus, which are particularly appreciated in the organic farming sector.

This collaboration between Akiolis and Violleau further increases the circularity of our activities by valorizing the co-products of the farming and agri-food industries in the fertilization markets!

Unité granulation Vénérolles

The work on the granulation tower is progressing at a steady pace. It will be equipped with a flour mill on the second floor, which will be used to grind C2 materials after sterilization. Meanwhile, the second floor will house the future pellet press, which will allow the mix of different selected raw material with flour produced on-site.

The assembly schedule is on track and the plant is expected to be ready for operation in early July 2023.

We are looking forward to seeing the pelleting tower operational and the first corks coming out of this second production line!